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Helping You Plan Estates & Trust Funds 

Estate planning is never an easy task. Between the numerous steps, various estate laws, and array of taxes, the amount of work needed to have a plan in place is mind-boggling. For more than 25 years, the Law Offices Of Andrew J. Draus, P.C. has helped families in Lombard, Illinois, navigate through the murky waters of trust fund, estate, and probate law to make sure their affairs are entirely in order. 

Handling Every Step of Estate Planning 

When you hire us to handle your estate planning, we help you take control of your assets and make the important decisions that come with that control. We help you through every step of the process, even looking ahead to which estate taxes will need to be paid upon your passing. Each step is meticulously planned out to leave no room for doubt or anxiety to take root. Let us assist with services such as:

Drafting a Will • Creating a Living Trust • Creating Business, Education, Retirement, & Other Trusts • Drawing Health Care & Long-Term Care Provisions • Appointing Estate Administration Powers • Establishing Power of Attorney • Making Advance Funeral & End-of-Life Arrangements

Treating Your Family with the Respect

Planning out your estate or that of a loved one is a difficult experience. Our firm is here for you to make the entire process as easy as possible. We treat you with respect and personalize our service to your individual circumstances. The expert attorneys at our firm remain attentive from start to finish, making sure you're completely satisfied with every aspect of your estate planning experience.