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Establish a Living Trust in Elmhurst, IL and the Surrounding Areas

A revocable living trust is a legal arrangement in which you appoint a trustee to hold and distribute your assets to beneficiaries according to your wishes when you die. A properly funded living trust can help you provide for your heirs without putting them through the probate court process. A trust can also allow you to exercise more control over how and when your heir receives their benefits, which can be helpful if you want to provide for someone who has special needs or can’t be trusted to handle a large inheritance all at once. A lawyer can help you establish a living trust that meets your unique needs. Attorney Andy Draus can help you set up a revocable living trust that you can change if your circumstances or wishes change. He assists clients in Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding areas.

How Can a Living Trust Attorney Help You

People use living trusts as a part of their estate plan to achieve various goals. An attorney can help you determine your goals and develop a living trust that works to achieve them.

  • Allow your heirs to avoid the lengthy and costly probate process
  • Provide support for an impaired loved one
  • Appoint someone to make financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated

Speak With an Experienced Trust Lawyer Today

Call (630) 705-1700 to speak with a qualified trust lawyer and discuss your needs now. We’re looking forward to helping you plan for your family’s future.

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